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The workshops

A Unique & Revolutionary Approach To Maternity Education.

Our Workshops are fresh and engaging, adapting to give up to date information, knowledge and usable skills. All workshops are suitable whether you are a first time parent, need a refresher or just want to learn over a longer period of time.  Available at different locations, join us at one or more venues, to enjoy TMH's flexibility.

Accessible at any pregnancy stage and with your newborns!

Every Workshop written and taught at THE MIDWIFE HOUSE is by Midwives Emma and Louisa, using professionally and personally gained experience, tips and insights from our 35 combined years as working midwives.

Interactive, fun, demonstrations and activities combined with lots of chatting. Aimed to increase your skills and confidence, leaving you empowered for new adventures ahead

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All TMH events and services are bound by the TMH Terms & Conditions & Policies found on this website.

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