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reasons to book.

  • Written & taught by 2 Midwives on a mission to share their 'Reality Focused' antenatal & postnatal experiences, so you stop the comparisons, drop the guilt and realise you are doing ok!

  • 2 Hours of dedicated time on each Top Topic.  We cover all the basics in a fun & relaxed way as well as added 'extras' not routinely covered in traditional antenatal classes.

  • An easy way to access excellent help, usable information & skilled support to get confident & grow your knowledge.

  • Workshops are bookable at ANY point of your pregnancy, so you can get the information you need when you need it!

  •  Book 1, some or all Workshops in ANY ORDER - You Choose What You Book & When!

  • TMH Workshops are purposely priced individually to support affordability rather than up front course payments.  Workshops give you the control to plan and choose your learning.

  • Available at different locations, join us at one or more venues to enjoy TMH's flexibility.


TMH Workshops.

A Unique & Revolutionary Approach to Maternity Education.

1  The big guide - Prep for the big day

 birth - totally must know this!

Birth extra - a little more support

Feeding - boobs, bottles & you

post birth - the 4th trimester


Workshops can be done in ANY order, at ANY pregnancy stage! 

If it's your first baby, or want to book the full set, TMH recommends Workshop Order No. 1 - 5, but it's totally up to you!

£30 per Workshop.

Come By Yourself or bring a Partner

Workshops are suitable for everyone!

​Forgot to book an Antenatal Course? No problem! On Maternity Leave? Come & Join Us!  Want to spread the cost? Need a refresher? Want to access information early? Been pregnant for a while and the reality is just sinking in? Low on free time?  We have you covered. Prefer 1-2-1 or online options?  Just drop us a line! 

Whatever the situation, TMH Workshops support you every step of the way!


THE BIG GUIDEPreparing For The Big Day.

A comprehensive and full guide in getting ready for the big day. (Is anyone ever ready?)  Let's chat birth plans, preferences, kit lists, the necessaries and all things practical to get you as prepped and as in the 'zone' as you can be. 

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BIRTHTotally Must Know This.

No two ways about it, your beautiful bundle will soon be entering the world.  Let's talk about birth, what's it really like? Timelines, your choices, waters breaking, coping strategies, immediately after birth, the ups, the downs and everything in between. 


BIRTH EXTRASA Little More Support.

Planned or unexpected, let's explore the hows, whys, when and wheres to gain understanding of why different happens. Delays, interventions & emergencies.  Plans change, so your power is understanding and knowing that extra birth isn't negative, isn't a failure, just a different way to meet your baby. 

Image by Fabian Møller

FEEDINGBoobs, Bottles & You!


Feeding your mini human is a 'must do' job no matter your method.  

First or last baby, it's going to take a little time until you're feeding and multi-tasking like a pro!  Focusing on all the realities of feeding, minus the guilt. Top tips, techniques and tons of midwifery experience, this popular workshop helps you avoid the common pitfalls on the feeding road ahead.  


POST BIRTH.  The 4th Trimester.

Welcome to this emotional roller-coaster ride.  One minute you feel like a parenting pro, the next you haven't a clue. TMH will guide you through the steps of your new normal - changing body shapes, crying (you & baby), what's normal, what's not, bonding tips, poo explosions and a whole lot of love. 

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