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emma, louisa & tmh.

Emma & Louisa are both are registered Midwives with the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC), a fantastic team, great friends and parents! 

Using their industry gained, NHS experience of over 35 combined years they have supported a huge variety of families and developed an expert, in-depth skills base. Highly competent and up to date, they provide accurate information and knowledge to improve maternity experiences by meeting your needs during the antenatal, birthing and postnatal periods.

They have provided care over multiple decades on hospital wards, community clinics, assessment units, triage and for targeted case-load clients.  Birth care has been given within homes, birth centres, medical theatres, wards and even in the occasional car park!


Emma & Louisa found that when they were pregnant, they felt more vulnerable than they had expected to, more surprised at how pregnancy felt and were really glad to be able to access each other for professional guidance and support.  They discovered very early on in their pregnancies that whilst they were highly experienced as midwives, the realities of being pregnant, birthing and parenting 24/7 felt sometimes overwhelming.  They really valued being able to 'check in' with a trusted, qualified friend.

Because of this THE MIDWIFE HOUSE was born Emma and Louisa recognise how the expectations versus the realities can be a roller-coaster ride.  Pregnancy can be challenging in many ways and birth can sometimes be viewed with apprehension.  Add in blurry days of living with a newborn and it's understandable why a bit of a helping hand might be needed when navigating your new normal.  TMH aims to bring the reality of maternity experiences to life, so experiencing them can be done with confidence. 

As Emma and Louisa's babies grew & sleep increased, they realised how lucky they were to have had support from each other, their midwifery community and wider social circles when they needed it most!  Emma and Louisa recognised a huge gap in current childbirth classes and services.  There is a real need for antenatal, birthing and postnatal classes to be more supportive, openly talking about the differences in expectations versus reality and making them feel more normal.  The Midwife House aims to reduce apprehension around the unknown, openly exploring different versions of normal and helping to reframe any thoughts of failure or feelings of guilt just for living your realities.

TMH is a pregnancy and postnatal service that prepares you by sharing practical skills, usable knowledge, and support, where no question is ever too silly.  With gaps in supportive services and huge pressures on the NHS, many families now experience difficulties in accessing wider support.  THE MIDWIFE HOUSE is here for you to fill those gaps and strengthen your maternity experience.

Every TMH Workshop, Course, Group & 1-2-1 is packed full of kind, helpful and need to know content.  TMH really believes if you know the reality of having a baby, you are absolutely better prepared for it.  This means exploring the overwhelming, loving, scary and exciting parts, understanding the science and reasons behind why things happen and learning how to respond to it.

TMH is a unique and revolutionary approach to maternity education.  You choose what and when you want to learn, building your own learning around your needs.  Every family dynamic is different and the reality of a new baby, whether it's your first or not, means that there are new questions and topics that pop up all the time, therefore ALL of our Services are suitable for everyone, at ANY maternity stage.

Our professional knowledge and insights are shared with you, by us as midwives and parents.  We deliver content to you in a fun, honest and supportive way, taking pride in being friendly, non-judgemental, inclusive and informative.  Come alone, together or with a friend, however it works for you, works for us, because TMH's doors are always open! 

Image by Mike Petrucci
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