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Frequently Asked Questions

We love answering questions here at THE MIDWIFE HOUSE.

Here are some of our more commonly asked questions!

Why should I choose The Midwife House for my learning?

Learning with TMH means understanding and being prepped for the Reality of Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.  TMH Midwives Emma and Louisa take you through the important Top Topics.  They've carefully written and planned for each stage using their skill, understanding and knowledge gained from their 35 Plus years working in the field, there is no pregnancy, birth or baby scenario we haven't yet seen, heard or worked with. All content is fresh and engaging with up-to-date information. TMH gives you TIME to gain the extras alongside your clinical care.  Make friends, with lots of opportunity to chat.  Meeting people with different due dates means connecting to a whole variety of support.   All TMH services are relaxed, non-judgemental, interactive and friendly. There are Workshops, Courses and Groups to suit everyone - pick them all, zone in on one or do a combination - we are all different and so are our services! 

Why do the early pregnancy course? (EPEC)

You've had your 12 weeks scan and are in that place between midwife appointments - join us!  Get answers to your questions and 2am wonders. Enjoy tailored support as you prepare for the road ahead, EPEC is here to fill the gap.  With this course expect to 'lighten the load' with TMH's reliable and realistic guidance.

you offer workshops as well as courses - what's the difference?

Ready for antenatal classes?  TMH offers 2 options unlike other class providers!  Everyone will have different pressure points and learning aims, choose what works for you.  It might be Workshops and a course; the point is TMH has you covered!  Our Workshops and courses have different vibes and content, so if you are a first-time mum, need a refresher, having a caesarean section TMH has an antenatal class option for you!

1. TMH's 5 individual Workshops cover 2 hours of top topics each.  A Workshop can be completed alone, as well as part of a set.  TMH Workshops make learning accessible for all.  The advantage of opting for TMH Workshops are: 

  • Being in charge - pick 1, 2 or more topics depending on your time and learning need.

  • Pace and spread out your learning to make costs a little more affordable.

  • Available at ANY pregnancy stage - last minute, as a bonus extra or early doors.

Complete rotational Workshops in any order - intensively over 2 weeks or spread out over months. Either way leave each Workshop with usable skills, ready to put into action when it matters!

2. TMH Ultimate Antenatal Course!  This is your amazing opportunity to learn all the practical skills!  10 hours covering more than the basics!!   Get ready to learn ALL the ways to birth - induction included! Find out what it feels like to birth and be a birthing supporter.  Professional tips, kit lists, and comprehensive lowdowns filled with real-life insight and expert guidance from TMH Midwives.  With TMH's Ultimate Antenatal Guide know what you need to know, before you need to know it!

are there tmh postnatal groups for after the birth?

Yes! TMH host the TMH Newborn Club & TMH Feeding Cafe.  The land of parenting is amazing, rocky and seems to exist in a time-zone with way more nighttime hours.  The TMH Newborn Club is easy to drop into.  Literally wake up and come.  A lovely place to just be - glamourous mum, PJ mum, what day is it mum and can I go back to work yet mum.  It's a group to try before going out to the bigger baby groups because TMH normalises 24/7 parenting and gives you the chance to learn a little from a top topic of the week.  And if you're a second time plus mum, it's a good place to offload, resurface and be a bit of you!  Remember it's your first time as a second time plus mum too!

do you have any groups that are free?

YES!!! The TMH Feeding Cafe is a free group for anyone feeding a newborn baby in any way!  All feeding choices welcomed and supported!  It's a group to just turn up at, ask questions, see other adults and hopefully leave feeling a little wiser, or at the very least knowing you are amazing and doing just fine.

Do i need to be breastfeeding to come to the TMH feeding cafe?

The easy answer is nope. Benefit from our skills and knowledge with breastfeeding, mixed feeding, formula feeding, expressing and so on.  It's as much about the weekly social meet up as it is about getting your baby fed.

Who can attend a workshop, course or postnatal group?

This is an easy answer - ANYONE! You can attend alone or bring someone with you if you prefer.  What's important is that we are there for you!  So come with a friend, parent, partner or just by yourself, a lot of people do!

When should I book on?

This decision is entirely yours!  Everyone has different levels of knowledge, skill and confidence, so what works for you, is fine with us! It's an idea to book after your 12-week scan and before you're in labour but other than that you decide! 

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