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exploring the realities of
Pregnancy, Birth & beyond.

the midwife house

5 star 



WRITTEN & TAUGHT BY qualified MIDWIVES in Bucks.

What Our Clients Say

'5 Stars!  Emma and Louisa are amazing Midwives
who genuinely care!'

FEDANT National Registration Number

13577 & 13578.

real talk sessions

Expert Midwives Emma & Louisa

REAL TALK the beautiful chaos of living your reality with bump & baby. 

From pregnancy quirks to labour truths & postnatal surprises, TMH tackles topics that others shy away from.

With no topic off limit, no question unanswered,

Get Confident, 

Be Ready & 

Know Your Power.

hands on 
workshops & courses

The TMH Midwives are by your side to dive deeper into the practical! 

 Our 'Inside' Expert Knowledge, Information & Tips, means you'll learn much needed usable skills

to help Grow Your Knowledge! 

Genuine, Accurate, & Honest,

TMH's Professional Experience, means you'll leave fully prepped! 

Because let's face it, when it comes

to having a baby,

there is no one size fits all!


a supportive community

Parenthood is an adaption.

  Winning 1 day, counting the minutes to bedtime the next.

Join TMH to swap stories, share advice & find solidarity in the ups and downs of Pregnancy & Beyond. 

Our In-person Groups provide a supportive network that is,

there for you every step of the way!

affordable & 

No way around it -

Babies are expensive! 

That's why TMH offers affordable learning with our Individual Workshops, bookable throughout your Pregnancy!

 The flexibility of the Workshops means You Choose What You Want

When You Need It! 

All Services are accessible at ANY stage of your Pregnancy - the early weeks, maternity leave & beyond.  With something for everyone,

TMH makes Learning Work for YOU!

Welcome to The Midwife House.

 Where Pregnancy, Birth & Postnatal Classes 'Gets Real!'

Normalise the Messy, the Exhausting as well as the Exciting. 

The Unexpected Joys to the not so Glamourous Realities no one talks about. 

TMH offers SO MUCH MORE than your average antenatal class because we understand that,

'having a baby is not a one size fits all' experience. 

5 Star Rated Midwives Emma & Louisa are highly experienced & passionate, with 35 + combined years as

Qualified Working Midwives.  They've seen it all and are Experts in ALL areas of Maternity Services. 

Plus, they are parents too.

They'll guide you with Expert Knowledge and Humour as you prepare for the Rollercoaster of Parenthood.

The Midwife House helps you receive the Knowledge & Skills you need, when you need it!

  With their relaxed and friendly outlook, lose the comparisons, let go of guilt and get truthfully informed!

TMH confidently addresses the missing pieces, 1 bump at a time!


With no question off limits and every concern met with understanding and solutions, we have time to focus on you.

Prepare realistically for both the expected AND the unexpected, normalise your realities and keep your power!


We're so happy you've found us!

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when & where.

Book now for september!

day & time
(term time only)

Wednesdays 10.00 - 12.00

Wednesdays 12.30 - 14.30

Wednesdays 18.00 - 20.00

Thursdays 10.00 - 12.00

Thursdays 12.30 - 14.30

Thursdays  Evenings

Fridays 09.30 - 10.45

Fridays 11.00 - 12.30

Fridays 13.00 - 14.30

Wednesdays 10.00 - 11.00

2 x Every Month

what's on

1-2-1's & Online Workshops

TMH Workshops

TMH Ultimate Antenatal Guide

TMH Newborn Club

TMH Workshops

1-2-1's & Online Workshops

TMH Feeding Cafe

TMH Newborn Club

TMH Early Essentials

TMH Ask The Midwife

find us at

The Beech House (Beaconsfield)

The Beech House (Beaconsfield)

Chiltern Lifestyle Centre (Amersham)

The Beech House (Amersham)

The Beech House (Amersham)


The Beech House (Beaconsfield)

The Beech House (Beaconsfield)

The Beech House (Beaconsfield)

The Dove Cafe (Beaconsfield)

Prices &
how to book

POA Contact Us to Book

£30 (Per Workshop) Book Online

£200 (5 Week Course) Book Online

£5 (Pay As You Go) Term Time Only

£30 (Per Workshop) Book Online

POA Contact Us to Book

FREE Drop-In. Term Time Only

£5 (Pay As You Go) Term Time Only

£40 (4 Week Course) Book Online 

FREE Drop-In/Eventbrite

26th June

3rd & 17th July

14th August

11th & 25th September

9th & 23rd October

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Our Services.

Because the more information you have the more prepared you are!


TMH Workshops 
per Workshop

Introducing our fun & informative Antenatal Workshops. Each Workshop delves into Your 'Most Wanted' Top Antenatal Topics, designed to empower you with knowledge & confidence. As you gain practical insight & realistic advice, say goodbye to comparisons & reduce the guilt.  Each Workshop is a trusted avenue for all your questions, ensuring you feel prepared every step of the way!  Unlike 'traditional' antenatal classes TMH Workshops are available to book individually or as a set, so you're

in control of what you learn and when! With our flexible scheduling, in-depth, accurate & realistic information, every Workshop is totally focused on you - What's not to love?! 

Don't Wait, Be Ready & Join Us!


TMH Ultimate Antenatal Guide

Welcome to 'The Big One!' Your Ultimate Antenatal Guide. 

A Comprehensive 5 Week Practical Preparation course, like no other!

This course exclusively focuses on all the things you didn't realise you needed to know! With Expert Guidance & Real-Life Insights, find out about pain, the grittiness of inductions, emergency lowdowns, kit lists & everything more than a 'vaginal' delivery.  Leave this course upskilled with the Why's, the When's, the Where's & the How's!

Be Ready for all aspects of what's coming your way & feel prepared for more than 1 eventuality.

You won't want to miss out!


TMH Early Pregnancy Essentials

A 4 Weekly Guide to the Early Pregnancy Essentials. You've had your 12-week scan now let's look after you! This course aims to fill the gap between the first scan(s) and midwife appointments, so you feel 100 percent supported.  With real life talk on body changes, bras, importance of pelvic floor, shopping essentials, growing pains, work, pregnancy & birth planning. TMH has you covered.

This course helps you to feel your best as you adjust to life as a parent.

Plus, it's a great way to make friends as you start to build your tribe! 


Hypnobirthing Course

TMH has collaborated with an Award-Winning Clinical Hypnotherapist to

bring you an amazing Hypnobirthing Course. This Course with Sage Hypnotherapy is designed to help you learn techniques to feel relaxed and in control during pregnancy and labour.  Benefits of Hypnobirthing include feeling a sense of calm during pregnancy, labour and birth that helps to develop self-confidence and positivity with your birthing reality.

The mind is an incredible tool, feeling calm, confident & in control enables decision making that is right for you!


TMH Newborn Club
Term Time Only

If your baby is under 12 weeks, then this postnatal drop-in group is for you!  The TMH Midwives are here to offer WEEKLY professional support & valuable information, getting you through the first few weeks.  Before you start the bigger baby groups, this 'gentle' Newborn Club is a way to start finding your feet. Focused topics like body recovery, windy babies & 'is this normal?' are explored each week.  Just turn up, after all a Midwife is better than google!



TMH Feeding Cafe
Free Drop-In 

Term Time Only

This little gem of a social group is FREE & suitable up to 16 weeks postnatally!  Meeting Weekly to support postnatal parents, grandparents & supporters to 'offload,' natter, grab some feeding advice or just to see a different face.  Any way of newborn feeding, combined with lack of sleep is hard.  So, whether you're breast feeding, chest feeding, bottle feeding, expressing, pumping or a mixture! Join us for free and friendly support. We are here for you!

TMH Ask The Midwife
Free    Drop-In/Eventbrite

(See When & Where above for Dates)

TMH Ask The Midwife is a group for EVERYONE! Available for those 12 weeks pregnant to 12 weeks postnatal AND for partners, grandparents, friends & family to Drop-In, grab a cup of tea & Get Answers to ANY Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond questions, no topic off limit. TMH Ask The Midwife is a FREE Service at The Dove Cafe (Beaconsfield).  Emma & Louisa help chat through any questions, quandaries & queries you may have from thinking about birth plans to 'my friend is pregnant how can I help?' Bring your questions, Come & See Us & Get Prepared for Whatever's Coming Your Way!

Other Services.

Take A Look At What Else We Offer

TMH Baby Massage &

TMH Baby Yoga




Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to treat all kinds of emotions, even specifically targeting anxiety or fears surrounding pregnancy, labour and birth. Working with Sage Hypnotherapy, Lucy uses a solution-focused approach combining hypnosis and talking therapy to make positive changes to achieve your goals. 

1-2-1/Online Packages

TMH is committed to making sure you get the information you need when you need it!  We understand that life is busy & needs can change.  That's why we offer 1-2-1's/Online options on any of our services, supporting you every step of the way!  POA


TMH Midwives Emma & Louisa

Co-founders of The Midwife House
Emma &

They met as midwives and quickly became friends, delivering each other's first born. Emma gained a BAHons degree before pursuing her dream of becoming a Midwife, qualifying in 2006.

Emma has worked with hundreds of families providing care and birth support.  She believes everybody should have a positive pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience and that excellent maternity education is the basis for this.  Emma has completed Childbirth Educator programmes in addition to her midwifery qualification and is in the best position to provide you with fantastic support.  Emma has also qualified in baby massage and Rebozo techniques.

.Louisa has focused purely on midwifery, gaining leadership roles for Labour Ward, the Maternity Assessment Unit and as a Professional Midwifery Advocate.  Louisa's experiences in these roles means she's experienced at focusing on you - understanding and supporting you.  Louisa uses her knowledge and skill when supporting The Midwife House clients and families with their realities.

They are both passionate about supporting all those embarking on their baby journeys and remain dedicated to their love of midwifery.

Baby Crawling
Image by Dee @ Copper and Wild

From word-of-mouth recommendations to 5 Star Outstanding Reviews, there’s a real buzz about


We always love hearing from you, so contact us today to book a Workshop, learn about one of our other Services or even just to find out more!

TMH Will Be In Touch Soon!

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